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Sasha Yakovleva, K.P. Buteyko, A.E. Novozhilov
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Understand Asthma & Breathing Problems. Stop fighting against asthma attacks and breathing difficulties! Say "Goodbye" to breathing problems! This book will help asthma sufferers to establish natural and wholesome breathing patterns and prevent asthma attacks. It will provide you with the information you need to tame your or your child's breathing difficulties naturally by improving the function of the respiratory system. It contains comprehensive instructions on the Breathing Normalization method based on the discovery by Dr. Buteyko in 1952 in Russia. Since then, this commonly called Buteyko technique or Buteyko Breathing method has undergone many trials, and its benefits became known in the USA and all over the world. It has helped countless asthmatics to reduce or eliminate their asthma attacks and other breathing problems and become healthier and more energetic. Learn Buteyko Breathing Normalization from its original source. This alternative self-help therapy is holistic and does not have any side-effects. This book is written by K. P. Buteyko, MD-PhD, the author of the Buteyko technique, A.E. Novozhilov, MD, Medical Director of Clinica Buteyko in Moscow and Sasha Yakovleva, co-founder of It also contains many stories of asthmatics who succeeded to improve their breathing and tame their asthma and other breathing problems. This is the most unique, original and comprehensive book about breathing, asthma and Dr. Buteyko's work regarding breathing improvement.What is so special about this book?•Texts written by K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD are published for a first time in history!•Contains interviews with A. E. Novozhilov MD and I. J. Packman MD helping to understand why and how Dr. Buteyko's Breathing Normalization works.•A famous article by Jane E. Brody (The New York Times) about the Breathing Center is included!•Illustrated guide. The drawings make various aspects of the Method far easier to apply. They are appealing and easy to follow for adults and children suffering from asthma. •Contains a unique collection of breathing exercises and lifestyle recommendations not only for adults but children as well.•Composed by Sasha Yakovleva, co-founder of and an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist. She helped thousands of people to improve their breathing.•Includes testimonials of Breathing Center's actual students who have gone from suffocation and fear to a healthy and active lifestyle. In most cases they became free of asthma symptoms and consequently free of medication.•This publication is destined to become "Gold Standard" Book for all students and teachers alike who apply Dr. Buteyko's revolutionary approach to breathing and health improvement, especially for asthmatics.•This is the only book in English, which is endorsed by Clinica Buteyko in Moscow and recommended to everyone who wish to improve their breathing and overall well being - whether you have asthma or not!

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Focus on exhaling completely because this will help you release tension from the body. Also, open your mouth a little to allow your breath to flow freely. Deep breathing is sometimes called diaphragmatic breathing, natural breathing or abdominal breathing.