Gluten Free and Happy

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Elliott Danielle
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When you have to go Gluten Free for life, it can feel like your world is ending. There is so much to know and implement immediately. Food goes from bringing you pleasure and joy to causing stress, grief and irritation. Having coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or other digestive disorders can make social events and eating out a really negative experience. This guide will help navigate your new world and teach you to take on your Gluten Free life and be happy. Inside you will find information on Coeliac disease and Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity What to do if you go Gluten Free and still have tummy troubles What to do during acute attacks How to tackle the kitchen and pantry How to help children and teens that need to go Gluten Free Shop with confidence- resource and chart to take the stress out of shopping (based on Australian food labelling regulations) Medication, supplements, alcohol & gluten Travelling & eating out while Gluten Free Some recipes to replace your family favouritesSo start reading and take control of your health and your Gluten Free life today! 

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