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Zach Loeks
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The illustrated guide to profitable, vibrant and sustainable permaculture-based market gardeningPermaculture tends to be very much in the domain of home gardeners and property owners. But what if we could take it all a step further, and merge the fields of permaculture and market gardening?InThe Permaculture Market Garden, author Zach Loeks brings together his passion for sustainable permaculture food production systems and beautiful, vibrant illustrations to provide a highly visual guide to the smooth integration of permaculture into the market garden, in ways that are scalable to specific situations. Profiling crops and ecosystem-based techniques, Loeks demonstrates a profitable, sustainable and approachable model for the future of market gardening.Along the way, Loeks introduces his own system of PermaBeds, season extension techniques, intensive and rotational interplanting, in-depth discussions on soil health, and more, bringing activities, designs and prospects of farming to life through illustrations, so the reader can be immersed within the world of permaculture farming. Playful, informative and curious, inspiring and beautiful and packed with accessible practical information,The Permaculture Market Gardenwill inspire both the seasoned market gardener as well as anyone aspiring to start a business.Zach Loeksis a market gardener, farm consultant and educator living in the Ottawa Valley. Winner of two regional awards for sustainability and innovation in agriculture, he shares his expertise in farming, design and business through a successful series of on-farm workshops, conferences and schools, as well as a successful year-round CSA.

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The Permaculture Market Garden: A visual guide to a profitable whole-systems farm business Fishpond Australia, The Permaculture Market Garden: A Visual Guide to a Profitable Whole-Systems Farm Business by Zach LoeksBuy . Books online: The Permaculture Market Garden: A Visual Guide to a Profitable Whole-Systems Farm Business, 2017, The Permaculture Market Garden is an incredibly indepth guide, explaining the science behind nature and farming, and combining it with our need for ecological and permaculture farming, to save the planet and people. Garden Tools; Saws; Gift Voucher; Clothing; 0 0.