Your First Triathlon, 2nd Ed.

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Joe Friel
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Joe Friel is the top coach in triathlon and his book Your First Triathlon is the best-selling book for beginner triathletes. This clear and comprehensive book makes preparing for sprint and Olympic triathlons simple and stress-free. Joe Friel's practical training plan takes fewer than 5 hours a week, giving aspiring triathletes the confidence and fitness to enjoy their first race. Your First Triathlon offers a 12-week training plan for total beginners as well as custom plans for athletes experienced in running, cycling, or swimming. Four easy-to-use plans include achievable swim, bike, run, and optional strength workouts that will gradually but surely build anyone into a triathlete. Joe offers helpful advice to simplify the complexities of the swim-bike-run sport. Even a total novice will learn commonsense tips and tricks to navigate packet pickup, set up a transition area, fuel for race day, finish a stress-free swim, and ensure that race day goes as smoothly as planned. Joe Friel is the coach experienced triathletes trust most. His book The Triathlete's Training Bible is the best-selling triathlon training resource and now his trusted advice is available to help beginners enjoy their first triathlon experience.

Joe Friel is the top coach in triathlon and his book Your First Triathlon is the best-selling book for beginner triathle... Get ready for your first triathlon with the sport’s #1 coach! Triathlon is the hottest new fitness challenge. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are swimming, cycling, and running their way to a healthier lifestyle.

You can also check out The Starting Line, which is an online platform, delivered by Triathlon Queensland.It includes free training programs, video tips from accredited coaches and a list of training sessions and events you should enter. Your First Triathlon, 2nd Ed.: Race-Ready in 5 Hours a Week. Joe Friel.